Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NBA 2K12 My Player Editor

***XBOX 360 ONLY***


A BRAIN(Sold separately)

Things to know: 

1.You can drag and drop file inside of tool or use open button.

2. I would SUGGEST YOU NOT mod your my player before the rookie showcase. 
Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.

3.Read the help to understand how the contract works and the rest of things in the tool work. 

4.Use the bit convertor(UNDER HELP). It has a function to search for NBA players.There is also instruction on how to use it inside the convertor.Remember the CF ID are in decimal and you need HEX CF ID's.CF/Audio id's are used to make your my player into a NBA player 

5. This tool works for game day release roster - 2k update 1.04. Both custom and regular files.

 How to edit  .CMG using tool:

1.Load your .CMG using the open button or drag and drop the file inside the tool.

2. Edit the items you would like to change and save those items. 

3. Rehash and resign using a tool that works for you.

Trouble Shoot 

Package.IO error message 
If you cant open tool it then maybe your virus protector is blocking the and trashed it.Disable your virus protector or allow your virus protector to to accept as safe.Also re-download tool so you have 

.NET Error 
If you get a .Net error saying messing .net ver blah blah blah then use goggle and download what ever version your computer tells you that you need.Then try tool.Here is a link to download the net frame work that is needed. 

Download Here

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  1. i did this and my player is now invisible help?!?!